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MILWAUKEE® has disrupted the time-consuming and costly processes associated with temporary lighting with our RADIUS™ LED Temporary Site Lights. These temp lights significantly reduce installation time and ensure the maintenance process is fast and simple. The LED temp lighting is durable and can withstand the demands of installation across multiple job sites. Our users can utilize these solutions from job to job, increasing their productivity and significantly reducing cost over time without sacrificing performance and safety.

RADIUS™ LED 130W Temporary Site Light

Easy Setup. Instant Light. No Maintenance. The RADIUS™ LED 130w Temporary Site Light is designed to significantly reduce labor time associated with temporary lighting installation, maintenance costs, and overall energy consumption. It is optimized to cover more floor space than a 400w Metal Halide while consuming 65% less power.

RADIUS™ LED 70w Temporary Site Light

Easy Setup. Instant Light. No Maintenance. The RADIUS™ LED 70W Temporary Site Light shatters expectations and brings a new level of innovation to the temporary lighting process. It can be used in many construction environments from residential to large scale commercial jobs, and has improved durability to virtually eliminate on-site maintenance.

Temporary lighting is a major cost across all jobsites. From the type of temp lighting used, power consumption, and repair and replacement rates, the installation and maintenance of high bay lights could send cost soaring. Due to temporary lighting being mandated by OSHA, this cost cannot be avoided, but total cost can be decreased. Take control on your temp lighting spend with our FREE Temp Lighting Calculator. This tool is optimized for determining circuit needs, number of lights needed, and more.

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