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Our AIR-TIP™ Trade Focused Vacuum Accessories set the new standard for vac accessories with the introduction of new-to-world designs, cordless technology and improvements to existing solutions that deliver maximum efficiency on the jobsite. The AIR-TIP™ Magnetic Utility Nozzle features a new-to-world design magnetic strip that catches metal hardware, preventing damage to bags and filters inside wet/dry vacuums. AIR-TIP™ Accessories introduce cordless technology with the M12™ AIR-TIP™ Utility Nozzle, featuring a powered brush roll that agitates debris for deep cleaning applications. Through improvement to existing designs, our AIR-TIP™ Cross Brush Tool makes cleaning easier with a cross design that prevents brushes from pushing debris away, eliminating clogging. The family of AIR-TIP™ Accessories are compatible with other wet/dry vacuum brands with 1-1/4”, 1-7/8” and 2-1/2” diameters.

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