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Pipeline Inspection Tools


The MILWAUKEE® Modular Pipeline Inspection System sets the standard in sewer inspection by providing the industry's Clearest Image, Easiest Inspections. A 1080p HD self-leveling camera head provides you with the ability to digitally zoom 4X and pan, making it possible to see more than ever before in drain lines. Powered by our M18™ REDLITHIUM™ batteries, the M18™ 500GB Control Hub powers the reels, stores recordings, and easily swaps between camera reel sizes delivering unmatched system versatility. You can capture, create, and share from the M18™ Wireless Monitor or directly from a tablet or mobile device for faster sharing of findings.

Industry's Clearest Image

Enhance what you can see in sewer drain lines. Capture with the industries highest resolution camera, highlighting even the smallest imperfections in pipes. Digitally pan and zoom to narrow in on the point of interest. Optimize light output no matter the pipe material being inspected to illuminate farther down the line.

Easiest Inspections

Unmatched Versatility

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Pipeline Inspection App

The Milwaukee® Pipeline Inspection App for iOS and Android devices provides technicians with the ability to capture, create, and share directly to a tablet and mobile device, eliminating the need for a dedicated viewing device. With the ability to re-watch and trim recordings right from the app, technicians can now share findings with customers and co-workers faster than ever before. Leveraging hi-resolution displays on mobile devices today, technicians will be able to unlock crisp, clear 1080p viewing inside drain lines.

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